Green-touch- Green Touch Handdesinfektionsunternehmen ,We founded this company around the idea of knowledgeable teamwork. We make sure each member of our team understands best practices. We keep everyone up to date on the latest products and techniques so that we are ready to answer your questions.Green Touch System - Apps on Google PlayApr 29, 2020·Green Touch is a system that uses NFC or Bluetooth LE technology to communicate with the electronic door control systems POWER GT and POWER VAR GT. Thanks to a clean and intuitive design, parameters can easily be read or modified. If desired, custom configurations can be saved and share by email or WhatsApp, or use them to quickly configure similar control panels.

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In 2019, Greentouch Home partnered with with global lifestyle design firm, kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®), to develop bathroom vanities and storage, electric fireplaces, and several other categories.

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